The Foundation of Brilliance program

The Big Question?


In this vast sea of career options, do you know what's best for you?


Are you absolutely sure about the educational direction/career path you have chosen is the right one for you?

Mind Riddled

Are you one of those many people whose mind is riddled with doubt and you are unable to make a sound decision regarding your career?

Help is here

Help is here!!!

The Foundation of Brilliance program can help you figure out your right career path. A unique program that can help you find what you are good at, align it with your personality and helps you discover your true passion in life.

There are no right answers or formulas when it comes to education and career but Foundation of Brilliance program can definitely guide you, through your own self determination to a career path that is best suited for you.

What to expect?

Educational Path


100% certainty in regards to your educational direction/career path.

Action plan


A plan of action that will help you achieve your goal.

Direct approach


More focused approach towards your education.

Save time money

Lifetime ROI

Save money and time to choose the right career path.

What our client say about us

Foundations of Brilliance Program helped many people choose their right career path with 100% certainty. Here is what they are saying

Few more people

Hi, I am Arneet Kaur,Career Guidance Coach and a mother of two.I come from Delhi, India.

I started my journey into the field of education and training a few years ago when I was facing a challenge with my daughter’s uncertainty on what career path to choose. I realized that there is not even a single workable program available in the market which could help my daughter decide her educational direction. Somehow through trial and error she came across the field she wanted to take up.

However, this is a risky method and can cause a lot of distress. That is when I came across the Foundations of Brilliance program eveloped by Bernard Percy. I was blown away by the kind of certainty the program gives to people. The program has specifically laid out steps with guaranteed results. My own experience was very emotional. Even though my daughter had already decided what she wanted to be, when she did the program she found a whole new passion, drive and sense of self worth.

This is when I decided to get trained and become a certified consultant for Foundations of Brilliance. I have had many successes with the program as it gave clarity and certainty to the people who did it. And so I invite you all to come experience the magic for yourself.

I have 10+ of years of experience.

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Career Assessment

Career Assessment
It help you determine the career (or education) path that is THE right one for you.
Key points of the assessment

  • Plan of action
    Plan of action
  • Goal setting
    Goal setting
  • Ideal future
    Ideal future