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What Are, And Why Lead Magnets ?

The RIGHT Tools to help you grow your business WITH

Increase in traffic

Increase in Traffic

Increase in sales

Increase in Sales

Increase in leads

Increase in Leads

Decrease in ad cost

Decrease in Ad costs

They are Ebooks, check-sheets, tools, free subscriptions, templates, tutorials, how-to guides, free consultations and many more. They are easy and affordable and allows small businesses to compete with giants without breaking the bank

But don’t just take our word for it

Here is what some of our clients had to say about our services.

It all starts with how you
  persuade your prospects  about the
value in your services

Value in your services

You could give out many useful lead magnets like ebooks, check-sheets, tools, free subscription, templates, tutorials, How to guides, white papers, free consultations and many more.  But, unless you have an idea to start with and the perfect plan to execute, your website won’t generate results.


Watch the videos to understand – How some of our clients used THEM!!!!!!

Right Strategy

Right strategy

Choosing the correct method for delivering your content is important, but it’s nothing if the content you use does not grab and hold people’s attention

We think you might be competing with a lot of other companies. Your company might have better content than others, but it will not show any results if people do not pay attention to it.

Professional lead magnet

Beautiful Lead Magnets that make getting Leads easy and affordable for small businesses

Give your sales a boost by optimizing the first contact experience!

Get your lead magnet designed and packaged for your business and generate 10x more leads.

Content delivered for free, must feel like it’s a million bucks!

From the smallest details like using the right font and size that oozes warmth, to choosing the right color pallet that makes people feel comfortable. A Lead magnet is not just some collection of tips and tricks you send out, it’s a journey. And like every great journey has a beautiful destination, magnet should make your subscribers come back for more!

Buyer Specific

Detailed buyer research

Who you’re writing for is even more important than what you are writing. Make use of Buyer research carried out by data analyst, and content written specifically to attract your targets audience.

Content valuable to the prospect

No longer guess what your buyers want. Figure out what they need and deliver. Find a common problem that your targets face and provide a quick solution.

Valuable Content
Rapid consumption

Short and effective delivery

The quicker you can get them results, the better. Don’t write a book or a massive 2 month email plan when not needed. Give them a quick win and move them down the sales funnel quicker!

Irresistible lead magnets

Choose a delivery method that compliments your magnet , and with all the points above executed to perfection, turn your leads into your customer in no time!

Irresistible lead magnets

5 Easy Steps to Generate Leads Using Lead Magnets

Download our guide on how to create high quality, lead-worthy magnets and get more customers than ever, that too for FREE !

5 Easy Steps to Generate Leads Using Lead Magnets

The perfect lead magnet, check!!

Your lead magnet is surely the best in the market, but how will you convince prospective leads to download it? That’s where a landing page tailor made for your business comes into play. Much like this landing page has been successful in holding your attention for so long, the Lead Magnet’s landing page should too!

Get an  engaging 
Landing Page.

Not a Single Sale or Visitor Lost Content

Be armed with professional looking and eye catching landing pages that boost your Downloads and attract Prospects like never before

Landing Page

Complete solutions that lead to successful sales

 Complete solutions 
that lead to successful sales

And to top it all off, a well constructed thank you page!

Many businesses don’t take full advantage of thank you page opportunities because they’re not sure how best to use them. As a result, many companies are missing out on the opportunity to convert more customers into leads and eventually customers.

A well-designed thank you page can be an excellent way to increase sales

By providing users with additional information about your company or products that could help convince them that they should buy from you instead of one of your competitors.

It also gives you another chance to include CTAs for social sharing or email signups so that even if someone isn’t ready yet, he’ll know where he can go when he is!

Thank you page

The most successful brands are always those who think of their
clients as individuals and not just a number.

And you can convey that using a great thank you page.

Thank you page

A well-designed page

helps you to increase conversion rates

improves customer retention

appreciates customers for taking the action

conveys that you want to help customers to succeed

provides customers with a more personalized experience in your business

Hooray! Your target audience is now interested in your remarkable products!

So It’s crucial that you make a lasting first impression on your prospects. And what better way to achieve that, than a Personalized Welcome Email!

Did you know that Welcome emails have one of the highest opening rates? Almost 50% !!! Since every other subscriber is definitely opening your mail, it is important that you have something grasping to convey when they are all ears!

This consists of your brand values, vision, products, and overall message!

Create a Welcome Email that Stands out from the rest:

Boost your opening rates

Drastically reduce bounce rates

Increase Conversions rates

Start an open dialogue with your subscribers and build trust

Create the perfect start for a valuable Nurture Sequence

Welcome email

What is a Nurture Sequence and why do I need it?

Well, gathering leads and storing them in your database is only useful if you constantly nurture those leads!

Only 3% of your leads are ready to buy at a moment’s notice. What about the rest 97%?

Stay on top

Stay on top of mind

When someone is on the verge of becoming a customer, you want to be top-of-mind. That way when they are ready to buy it’s an easy choice since we’re already in their head!.

Deliver result

Deliver results in advance

When a potential customer takes your free advice and uses it to get results, the thought that lingers is “What benefits I could get for the full paid Service!”

It’s compelling when your free tips get them positive results!

Built relation

Stimulate a conversation

By engaging with your potential customers you build a relationship and trust that makes it easy for them to buy from you!
Take action

Let them take action when the time is right!

It could be a subtle offer like “30% off” or maybe a CTA that peaks their interest and finally pushes them to convert!

But do not worry!

You don’t have to execute this tedious task alone!

Get email Nurture Sequences that are sure to
boost your conversions and increase sales considerably!

As Nurturing leads is crucial for boosting sales, increasing brand awareness is important for boosting leads!

That’s where Social Media Marketing Comes in
Increase traffic

Increase traffic

Link social media to your website to boost traffic tremendously

Promote Your Products and Services

Promote Your Products and Services

Spread the word about your valuable services and products

Grow Brand Awareness

Grow Brand Awareness

Get yourself in front of more people and generate sales through digital platforms

It’s easy, affordable and allows small businesses to compete with giants without breaking the bank

5 Easy Steps to Generate Leads Using Lead Magnets

Download our guide on how to create high quality, lead-worthy magnets and get more customers than ever, that too for FREE !

5 Easy Steps to Generate Leads Using Lead Magnets

Don’t miss out!

50% of small businesses are not using
social media to advertise!

Use Social Media To Boost Brand Recognition

Create a Conversation around your awesome services

Stay Connected to your audiences and listen to what they have to say

Gather data from your audiences action

Keep your followers engaged and Happy!

Build Customer Loyalty

Use Social Media for Ad Campaigns and increase awareness/sales astronomically!!

High-quality content to increase engagement

Capturing InfoGraphics that deliver your message

Value-driven content curated for your services

Content planner and strategies for different trends and time frames



Get more leads, more customers,
more sales and more growth

-: Our Products :-

Lead Box

Lead Magnet

INR 15,000

Landing Page

INR 80,000

Welcome Email

INR 5,000

Social Posts

INR 30,000


INR 25,000

Thank you Page

INR 5,000

Email Sequence

INR 30,000

Ad Creatives

INR 40,000

Total Amount: INR 2,30,000

All you Need is the RIGHT Lead Magnet tailor made for your business and see your PROSPECTS Shoot Up !!!!!

Leads Guaranteed

No tricks.
No hidden fees.
Just Pure Results.

5 Leads Guaranteed

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