Videos that help customers
understand your business
Videos don’t just find customers and increase sales, they improve customer satisfaction too

Are you struggling to

Get original high-quality content for your blogs, SEO or social media marketing?
Engage lazy buyers?
Get a great ROI from your marketing tools?
Rank well on Google?

With the power of video marketing, you can

Boost sales!

Get recognized

Drive more traffic to your website

Happy clients

Get happier clients

Why Choose us?

We know how frustrating it feels to have a great product or service that doesn’t get recognized in the market. It’s understandable that not everybody has the time or skills to create visually appealing videos that get instant results.

That’s why, here at Animon Live, we’ve spent the last 10 years mastering the art of creating powerful and engaging video content tailored to your needs which will take your business to the next level!

With the help of our Industry professionals who live and breathe creativity, you too can create a buzz about your products/service and drive more and more customers to your website!

Show the world what you have to offer and do it in style with stunning videos!

Our Packages
Select a package best suited you your business needs


  • Upto 30-seconds video
  • Upto 3 different text and photo animations
  • Free music (upto 2) and photos (upto 10) in the video
  • Clip based on the photo and simple text animation
  • Content given by the client
  • Intro and outro slide with simple fade-in/fade-out logo animation
  • 360p video export

Rs. 5,000


  • Upto 3-minutes video
  • Upto 5 different text and photo animations
  • Commercial music (upto 2) and paid photos (upto 10) in the video
  • Promotional Video for YouTube
  • Content Creation for the video based on the theme
  • Intro and outro slide with 1-2 logo animation
  • HD720p video export

Rs. 15,000


  • Upto 5 minutes video
  • Upto 10 different text and photo animations
  • Commercial music (upto 4) and paid photos (upto 15) in the video
  • YouTube Channel Creation (If Not Setup)
  • Content Creation for the video based on the theme
  • Customised Intro and outro slide
  • HD720p video export in rectangle (1280×720) and Square (1000×1000) size

Rs. 40,000

How to Get Started

  • select-package

    Book an appointment

    You can discuss your goals to get a video marketing strategy according to your business

  • Expert

    Approve your content marketing plan

    Once the strategy is finalised, the content for various platforms is developed

  • Result

    Get Results

    See your business grow with increased visibility, trust and more customers

Our Process

Having powerful video content is the key to success for any thriving business and for that
video content is a must – have for all growing businesses. Here is how we do it!

What does Animon Live do?

At Animon live, we understand that not every business has the time and expertise to put together a piece of visually attractive content that gets the job done.
With over a decade of experience in the digital marketing space, we have mastered the art of creating engaging video content that positions your brand in the minds of the customers and makes sure it stays there.
Your brand has a voice and it needs to be heard!
Have Questions?
Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can video boost my business?

Having powerful visual content is the key to success for any thriving business and for that Investing in good quality video content is a must – have for all growing businesses.

Research has shown that by simply adding a video on your website’s landing page can easily increase your conversion rates by 70 percent! Making it simpler for customers to make a purchase.

2. Why are explainer videos important?

We cannot emphasise on this enough that how important it is for a brand to explain what they are doing and how it can make the customer’s life better in a simple and easy to understand manner.

And that’s where good explainer video content comes into the picture.

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